Top-down communications at your fingertips

Reach Threema and Threema Work users via:

Ideal for dynamic Newsletters. Users subscribe to the desired feeds, and they can unsubscribe at any time.
Distribution lists
Perfect for classic top-down communications. Manage lists of users by selecting the recipients you want, and reach all contacts instantly and with ease.
Quickly create interactive chatbots, and allow users to conveniently retrieve information in Threema.
Set up and manage group chats for team collaboration. Conveniently moderate discussions directly from your PC, without a mobile device.
Use case Threema Channel

Use cases

With Threema Broadcast, instant messaging can be applied in a variety of ways in companies and organizations:
  • For broad distribution of information
  • For exchange of sensitive documents
  • For communication with external parties, e.g., suppliers, customers, or the press
  • For alerting in case of emergencies
  • For efficient team collaboration
  • As interactive information channel at events like trade fairs, conferences, team events, etc.
  • To ensure business continuity

Intuitive user interface

Threema Broadcast’s interface is simple and intuitive, allowing for easy and convenient administration.
  • Manage multiple Broadcast IDs at once
  • Specify additional administrators
  • Grant access privileges (e.g., allow certain employees to access certain – but not all – distribution lists)
  • Use the built-in emulator to test bots
  • Adjust profile settings (set nickname, profile picture, etc.)

You can also access Threema Broadcast via its API.

Price plans


15 Recipients
per month


50 Recipients
per month


100 Recipients
per month


500 Recipients
per month


1000 Recipients
per month


per month


All price plans include

  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Instantaneous message dispatch
  • Unlimited number of news feeds
  • Unlimited number of distribution lists
  • Unlimited number of bots
  • Central group administration
  • Additional administrators
  • Access via API

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